Sunday, November 14, 2010

It's been so long since I wrote something.And I regret it because it may had helped me feel better,but I hadn't been able to .All the pain,those words drove me down.Everyday fighting with my parents,my father screaming ,forcing me to eat,my mother crying...and the result?vomiting and throwing up the food..My throat hurts,my stomach aches .It makes me feel so weak without any strength..why,why?I wish I were able to control it,but I can't.No one understands.And I'm alone with my pain,scared,and I won't escape from this.
I want a real real life,I need to study,I have dreams,wishes ,I want to be understood and loved,but all around me are dreams like crashing cities 
What shall I do?For how long will this lie continue.It's fuckin hard to bear,when no one supports you.
And I hate the fact that my parents think that forcing me to eat it's the solution.Getting a normal weight it's not the solution..
Every day is a reflection of the other.Feelings of emptiness have overcame me completely.


  1. Me alegra leerte de nuevo, aunque lamento mucho que te sientas así. Te entiendo perfectamente... Espero que las cosas mejoren aunque sea un poco. No sé qué escribir u.u Ánimo, you are NOT alone in the world <3

  2. que pesar me ha causado tu entrada. pareces tan triste. quisiera que las cosas te fueran mejor. yo no se cual se la solución pero estoy segura que alguna debe haber, espero de todo corazon que la encuentres y salgas a flote.
    no se si pueda ayudar en algo pero puedes contar conmigo, confiar, platicar, estoy disponible, de acuerdo?
    cuidate mucho.