Saturday, August 28, 2010

Here we go again

This morning I've decided to eat,just some pretzels(about 80-100g ).But I started feeling nausea and I vomited .Just fuck.I feel so weak and tired of all this.I'm also so frustrated ,nothing fits me.Again I've lost weight and not long ago I've changed my wardrobe because everything was falling off  of me(especially the trousers  or jeans ).Anyway I've always wore large clothes.The reason is of course ,my body.
I weighed myself again(I'm obsessed with the scale ):47 kilos dressed (and 1,70 m height )I should be content ,but I'm not.I'm never content.Because I cannot see myself slim enough.
I curse  the food every day.Fuckin' food.
Oh,my mind is just so sick.
How did I fall so deep into this ?I just haven't realized it,how did I end up being like this ?Is it my fault ?I haven't chosen this road.It wasn't me.I had  to change,so much that I've  even changed.I've  never wanted that.It wasn't my wish.I wasn't listened...

I like this song  a lot.It has very meaningful lyrics.And for some of us speaks about the truth. 

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  1. No sé por qué no me aparecen tus entradas en el escritorio de blogger :/
    Yo también peso 47 kg más o menos, pero mido alrededor de 1.64. Igual es algo irónico, porque veo a las demás que capaz pesan más que yo, y las veo más delgadas que yo. En cambio, me veo a mí misma asquerosamente gorda.
    Qué hermosa canción! Es verdad, refleja muy bien cómo nos sentimos...
    Espero que las cosas mejoren... Cuidate! <3