Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Feeling hopeless

It's a song I've been listening to these days.I always like the band.
The song calms me down.I hope you'll like it too.

I want to make the mirror happy.Every time I look in it,I want to break it.All I  want is  to feel beautiful,that's all.
At the moment,I feel so weak,empty, alone..I never draw anyone's attention ,no one cares.
Someone told me that no one will ever understand my.Is it true ? I mean,I'll never meet someone who would understand me?I didn't sleep neither last night,thinking about it.I feel useless,I don't see my importance in someone's life.
Maybe because I really don't have a  role ,a sense or a connection.
Will anyone love me just the way I am,imperfect, incomplete and with so many weaknesses  ? 
I feel miserable,and I'm scared..I hope to find faith in myself .Where are the smiles that bring joy,where is the sun ,the light ?They are all gone.
Can I make them come back ?I feel hopeless,and I can't make it by my own..


  1. I loved that song!
    I understand how you feel. My birthdays are usually like yours: I always spend it alone, crying. I'm sorry to know you spent it that way too... My birthday's on September 4th.
    When I read you I feel like I'm reading what's on my mind. That's how much I understand you! I always feel the same way, but I try to think that someone will understand me, that someone will care... And I'm sure you'll find someone too. It isn't easy, I know. But at least we know we're not completely alone in the world.
    By the way, your spanish is great! Where are you from? My mother tounge is spanish but I can understand and speak a little english :) So I'm sorry if my english isn't really good!
    Anyways, I hope you feel better soon <3

  2. Gracias por tus comentarios, de verdad me ayudan.
    Me llamo Pilar, pero puedes decirme Pili. Y tu nombre cuál es?
    Hablas muy bien tanto inglés como español! Yo no sé hablar francés, pero me gustaría aprender. Ahora estoy aprendiendo japonés, pero recién empiezo y no sé mucho...
    De nuevo, gracias por el apoyo. Yo también te voy a apoyar, espero que vos tampoco pierdas la esperanza!
    Tienes msn, facebook o algo de eso?